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ID Description
H004 Ch'in Dynasty Army
H006 WWII Underground Resisters (Partisans)
H007 Assyrian Army
H008 Hittite Warriors
H009 Egyptian Army
H010 Assyrian Cavalry
H011 Assyrian Chariot
H012 Hittite Chariots
H014 Hebrew Warriors
H015 Mitannian Mariyannu Chariot
H017 Medieval Knights (Crusaders)
H018 Saladin with Saracen Cavalry
H020 Mycenaean Army
H021 Mycenaean Chariot
H022 Biblical Era Libyan Warriors
H023 Arab Camel Riders and Bedouin
H024 Ancient Egyptian Chariots
H025 The Conquistadores
H026 Inca Warriors
H027 Maya Warriors
H028 Aztec Warriors
H029 Ancient Chinese Shang V.S. Zhou Dynasty Troopers
H030 Modern US Army
H031 Modern Urban Resisters
H032 Chinese Ming Dynasty Troopers
H033 Chinese Qing Dynasty Troopers
H034 WWI French Infantry (1914)
H035 German Army
H036 WWII Chinese Army
H037 German Army
H038 WWII French Army
H040 Ancient Germans
H041 Roman Legionary
H042 Pharaoh's Chariot with Biblical Peasant
H043 Chinese Han Dynasty Troopers
H045 Republican Roman Army
H046 Philistine Warriors
H047 Ancient Egyptian Warriors
H048 The Sea Peoples
H049 Nubian Warriors
H050 Egyptian Sherden the Royal Guards
H051 Roman Legionary (Set II)
H052 German Panzergrenadiers (Set 1)
H053 WWII German Panzergrenadiers II
H054 WWII US Army (Set 1)
H055 WWII British Army
H056 Partisans in Europe
H057 Modern Israeli Defence Force
H058 Modern US Elite Force
H059 Modern French Army & Chinese PLA
H060 Modern British Army
H061 Modern Special Forces Worldwide
H062 Modern German Army (Bundeswehr)
H063 Modern Militia
H064 Celt Warriors
H065 Greek Warriors (Hoplites)
H066 Persian Warriors
H067 German Mountain Troops
H068 WWII German Paratroopers
H069 WWII German Army with Field Greatcoat
H070 WWII German Afrika Korps
H071 WWII US Infantry Set 2
H072 WWII Italian Infantry
H073 WWII British Commandos
H074 WWII Late War German Army
H075 WWII Italian Paratroopers
H076 WWII US Paratroopers
H077 WWII German Soldiers with Tank Riders
H079 WWII German Infantry Tank Riders
H081 WWII German Infantry
H082 Counter-Terrorist Elite Forces
H083 WWII German Infantry in Smocks-Winter
H084 WWII German Artillery/ Howitzer Crews
H085 WWII German Panzer Unit Combat
H086 Dismounted Crusaders
H087 Medieval European Knights 13th Century
H089 WWII German Anti-aircraft(AA) Crews
H088 European Medieval Foot Soldiers and Archers
H091 European Knights, 15th Century
H092 WWII German Cavalry Division
H093 WWII German 21cm Nebelwerfer 42
H094 Modern US Soldiers in Action Sets2
H095 WWII German Command Staff with Kubelwage
H096 WWII German Sd.Kfz.2 Kettenkrad with 8.8 cm Raketenwerfer 43Gun
H097 WWII German Winter Unit with Pak36/ Servants
H098 WWII German  Fallschirmgager Heavy Weapons
CM7711 WWII German Infantry
CM7712 WWII German Paratroopers
CM7713 German Afrikakorps
CM7714 WWII German Panzergrenadiers (Winter Greatcoat East)
CM7715 WWII German Panzergrenadier (Kursk)
CM7716 WWII German Panzergrenadier (Normandy 1944)
CM7717 WWII German Panzergrenadiers (Camouflage Capes)
HB01 WWII Panzergrenadiers (Kharkov 1943)
HB02 WWII Panzergrenadiers (Ardennes 1944)
HB03 WWII German Panzer Crews
HB04 WWII German Army with Camouflage Cape
HB05 WWII German Panzer Crews
HB06 German Army Combat Team One
HB07 German Army Combat Team Two
HB08 German Army Sturmpioniere
HB09 German Army in Stalingrad
HB11 Modern US Soldiers in Action
HB21 Astronauts and Spacecraft
F102 Elf
F103 Undead
F105 Goblin
F107 Lizardmen Warriors
F108 Ratmen
F109 Orc Warriors Sets 2
F110 Undead Camp :Zombies
SF004 Modern Zombies
S10 Journey to the West:figure set
S12 Elf Warriors II
7202 German Infantry Gun SiG-33 with crew
7203 Vechiles Kfz 69 tow truck
7207 Vechiles Kfz 70 personnel carrier
7208 WWII German Sd. Kfz.10/4 with 20mm Flak 30
7209 WWII German Sd. Kfz.10 with 50mm Pak 38
7210 WWII German SWS Halftrack